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What should be paid attention to when choosing a carpet mat?


Carpet mat, is a pad product that is designed to instal […]

Carpet mat, is a pad product that is designed to install in most types of carpets. It helps to protect and extend the life of the carpet, while reducing noise and improving comfort underfoot. Some carpet padding can also be used as insulation to help maximize energy efficiency and comfort in the home. To choose the right carpet mat for your home, consider the type of carpet you intend to install, as well as the quality, thickness, and packing density of each material.




1. Determine the correct thickness for your carpet padding. According to the Carpet Association, the filling thickness is selected according to the type of carpet being installed. Thicker padding can break the support of the carpet and greatly shorten its service life.

2. Check the quality of each pad. You can check the quality by squeezing and inspecting each pad. If the pad loses compression by more than half its height, it is not the best quality. Look for padding, which is very firm and maintains roughly the same height when compressed.

3. Check the packing density of each type. The density of a carpet pad is a measure of its durability, and is more useful than the thickness for comparing different types of pads.

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