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What is the difference between carpet and floor mat?


Size: Compared with carpets, floor mats are smaller in […]

Size: Compared with carpets, floor mats are smaller in size, mainly within 1 square meter. They are placed at the entrance and exit to scrape off dirt and water, prevent slippage, and keep the indoor floor clean and tidy.

Material: There are no restrictions on the material of the floor mat. Polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton, plastic, hemp, aluminum alloy, etc. can all be used as floor mats.

Unit price: Generally, the price of floor mats is cheap, ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan per piece, and the settlement unit is one piece.

Size: Engineering carpets are generally divided into two categories: patchwork and full paved. They can cover the entire space as the main floor material. The specifications of carpets for residential use are not uniform, most of which are more than 1 square meter.

Material: Materials include leather, wool, nylon, polypropylene, etc.

Unit price: Carpet is a luxury product among floor materials. The cost ranges from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan per square meter, and the unit of settlement is square meter.


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