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What are the product characteristics of tufted carpets?


The price is cheap, but there are fewer varieties. Plus […]

The price is cheap, but there are fewer varieties.

Plush yarns generally use blended yarns such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, and pure wool yarns for high-end products; the base fabric uses jute woven fabrics in the early days, mostly polypropylene flat yarn woven fabrics, polyester filament woven fabrics or non-woven fabrics.

The pile of the carpet is implanted with a special tufting needle into the base cloth to form piles, and the piles are cut to form piles. The back of the base cloth is coated with resin and rubber (backing rubber) to fix the piles or piles. , It can prevent the fluff from falling loose and pilling, and can improve the dimensional stability of the blanket. On the back of the carpet coated with glue, another layer of foam backing can be pasted, or a second layer of fabric, called the secondary backing, can be pasted on the back of the carpet. Both have the function of increasing the elasticity and durability of the tufted carpet.

The product is mainly used as a floor paving material for walkways and indoors.


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