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What are the principles to pay attention to when choosing non-slip mats?


Anti-slip floor mats are currently more popular paving […]

Anti-slip floor mats are currently more popular paving materials, because rubber floor mats have strong wear resistance. In fact, the non-slip floor mat itself is relatively special in terms of its structural characteristics. It uses natural rubber, which is a completely non-toxic and harmless material. It has environmental protection performance than other materials and is especially suitable for sports venues and kindergartens. Use, then what principles should be paid attention to when purchasing non-slip mats.


First: quality first, price later. Due to the increasing demand for non-slip floor mats in the market in recent years, there are more and more companies producing non-slip floor mats in China, so the competition is fierce. In order to reduce production costs and improve competitiveness, many companies have produced quality Inferior products make the life of the product shorter and shorter. However, there are still many manufacturers who say that they will always stick to quality first.


Second: First, practicality, anti-aesthetic. The paving material of non-slip floor mats is basically the simplest paving material, which is not very the same as the traditional complex paving materials. There are very big differences in material selection and infrastructure. For paving materials, if there are a large number of design elements in it, it may affect the overall aesthetics. Therefore, the most important thing when designing non-slip mats is not aesthetics but practicality.


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