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What are the prices and features of pp placemats?


Cotton placemat: strong water absorption, easy to clean […]

Cotton placemat: strong water absorption, easy to clean.
Placemat features:
1. Cotton placemat: strong water absorption, easy to clean.
2. Hemp placemat: anti-insect and mothproof, good durability.
3. Bamboo placemat: the best heat insulation, can effectively prevent the hot items from damaging the dining table.
4. Paper cloth placemat: It is made of the latest environmental protection materials, with good heat insulation, but it cannot be washed.
5. Plastic placemats: environmentally friendly PP placemats, EVA placemats are currently more popular, light and environmentally friendly, novel styles, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface.
6. PVC placemats: silicone placemats, good texture, can be tried repeatedly, bright colors, various patterns can be made on the surface, and never fade! And can be used as LOGO wooden placemats. Wooden placemats are more practical. More durable, but the color and type are too monotonous.
7. Plastic placemats: Plastic placemats made of PVC plastic have a variety of shapes, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models, etc. The additional patterns and patterns are more prominent, which are not only practical, but also effective Visual effects.
8. Silicone placemat: a new and popular placemat, which is environmentally friendly and has strong heat insulation, but the cost is relatively high.


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