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What are the high-quality woven placemats?


In our lives, placemats are a very common product, espe […]

In our lives, placemats are a very common product, especially in Western countries. It is a must-have product. In our country, except for banquets or grand price comparison occasions, it is basically used on other occasions. Won't show up! We all know that a placemat is a kind of meal item that can protect and decorate the table. Under normal circumstances, this product is mainly made of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials.



The color of the placemat is beautiful and diverse, which is close to people's life. The strong friction prevents glass and porcelain cups from slipping, and it can also protect the tabletop from being burned. Nowadays, many food bloggers use all kinds of food to take pictures. Similarly, in order to look good, most of them use woven placemats to decorate, the utensils for the food, the location of the display, the angle of shooting, make the food look more It's tempting! The following is a collection of some placemats:

1. Striped fresh cotton placemat
Color is actually a very important element for food. The blue and white Japanese placemats are easy to match with white, blue and other dishes, forming a good effect to a certain extent!

2. Woven placemat
Weaving can include bamboo weaving, rattan weaving, wool weaving, cotton and linen weaving, etc. Many people generally choose cotton and linen weaving. In addition, the color weaving is matched with plain colors, the white plate and the coffee cup are even better!

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