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What are the functions of carpets?


Sound insulation effect: With its tight and air-permeab […]

Sound insulation effect:
With its tight and air-permeable structure, the carpet can absorb and isolate sound waves, and has a good sound insulation effect.


Improve air quality:
The fluff on the surface of the carpet can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving the indoor air quality.


Carpet safety:
Carpet is a kind of soft paving material, which is different from hard floor paving materials such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump. It is recommended to spread blankets or blankets for children and the elderly at home.


Artistic beautification effect:
The carpet has rich patterns, brilliant colors, and diversified shapes, which can beautify your decoration environment and reflect your personality.


The carpet does not have radiation, does not emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, etc., and meets various environmental protection requirements.


Improve foot feel:
The carpet feels comfortable on the feet. Floor materials such as wood floors, marbles, ceramic tiles, etc. will feel uncomfortable in a cold and humid environment. Carpets can solve this problem well.


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