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The production of coasters?


The manufacturing process of the coaster is very simple […]

The manufacturing process of the coaster is very simple and individual
1. To make a paper coaster, just select the material and cut it according to the requirements.
2. To make PVC woven coaster, you can also choose good materials and tailor them yourself.
3. The metal coaster depends on the requirements for aesthetics. If there are not many requirements, you can buy some cheap and easy-to-handle aluminum sheets, etc., and you can cut them by yourself.
4. Wooden coasters are also relatively simple, anyone who knows a little bit of sawing craftsmanship can make them.
5. Pressed flower coasters It’s best to use glue to make pressed flower crafts. The pressed flower keychains and chain pendants are all unique and exquisite, just like amber, crystal clear, and colorful flowers and plants are in full bloom. In fact, it is not difficult to make such crafts. First, place the pressed flowers and plants in a fixed position, and then mix the A and B glues evenly in a ratio of 1:3 (the transparent color is uniform) , And then drop it on the pressed flowers and plants. After it dries naturally, it has successfully fixed the beauty. The whole craft is so delicate that you can't see any traces of handwork. The most amazing thing is that pressed flowers can not only freeze the original shape of flowers and plants, but also can cut and paste the pressed flowers and plants into different patterns through wonderful ideas. For example, the morning glory can be cut into a little girl's fluttering skirt, the leaves can be cut into grapes, and snapdragons can be turned into soft willow branches... The most joyous thing is that you can also freely follow your own preferences. Group them into different drawings, and then hang them in the frame, which becomes a unique piece of art.
Of course, there are countless companies specializing in the production of coasters. Coasters are a kind of fast-moving consumer goods. The market is in short supply. The domestic demand alone has exceeded the expectations of many companies. Therefore, vigorously increasing production is the company's only strategy.

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