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It is necessary to know about these table mats


PVC table mat is mainly made of PVC plastic, which cont […]

PVC table mat is mainly made of PVC plastic, which contains monomer vinyl chloride molecules, and monomer vinyl chloride molecules belong to a kind of macromolecular chemical monomer, this substance is toxic, long-term contact is easy to cause chronic poisoning. Secondly, plasticizers are usually used in the production process of PVC table mats, and the plasticizers are usually made of phthalate esters, with pungent smell, and long-term contact will be harmful to human body.
1、 How to choose PVC table mat?
If it is a poor quality soft glass tablecloth is really harmful to human body, so it is very important to select a good quality soft glass tablecloth. At least, the soft glass tablecloth can not contain harmful plasticizer, which will cause harm to human body. Therefore, more attention must be paid to the selection of table cloth. The following is a few table cloth selection considerations, may as well refer to the next.
1. Brand recognition
That is to buy soft glass tablecloth, you can buy some well-known high brand tablecloth, or sales and visibility of a relatively high formal table cloth brand, so as to largely avoid buying poor quality soft glass tablecloth.
2. Price
It's always this truth that you should not be greedy for cheap things. It's the same with soft glass tablecloths. It's very important to buy some table cloths with high reputation and high price. It's not recommended to buy low-cost and inferior soft glass tablecloths.
3. Look at word of mouth
Let's take a look at the user's evaluation. It's still quite true. Whether the product is good or not, you have to see how the used consumers evaluate the product. It's the same with buying soft glass tablecloths. Long time contact will do harm to the human body.

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