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How to clean and maintain carpets?


Although carpet cleaning is not a common occurrence, it […]

Although carpet cleaning is not a common occurrence, it is really troublesome, especially the carpets in children's rooms. Children bounce on the floor, eating, drinking, and having fun on the ground. Therefore, the hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet is very important.


Use vinegar to eliminate pet odors on carpets
Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 warm water, soak with a towel and wring dry, wipe. Vinegar can not only prevent discoloration or fading of carpets, but also eliminate pet odors (soda water also has deodorizing effects). After wiping, place it in a ventilated place to air dry. When the carpet dust removal method cleans the carpet, you can sprinkle some salt first, which has the function of inhibiting dust from flying. Because salt can absorb dust, even the smallest dust can be cleaned up. At the same time, it can also make the carpet more durable and keep the color bright.


Ways to wipe coffee stains on carpets
If you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet, you can use a dry cloth or facial tissue to absorb the water, then mix the same amount of white wine and alcohol to sprinkle on the stain, and wipe it off with a dry cloth. If there is no liquor, vinegar has the same effect. In view of this, if you have leftover liquor in your home, you can make good use of it to keep your home clean. In addition to coffee, food stains that are easily stained, including black tea, can also be removed in the same way.


Ways to remove chewing gum adhering to the carpet
First put ice cubes in a plastic bag and press on the top of the chewing gum to allow the chewing gum to solidify, and then press it with your hands to test. When the chewing gum is completely hardened, remove it with a brush or toothbrush, and then brush it thoroughly with a brush. . Do not use chemical thinners arbitrarily, because this will damage the carpet instead.


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