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How to buy carpets?


1. Check the carpet quality inspection report In carpet […]

1. Check the carpet quality inspection report
In carpet production and processing, carpet backing glue and other manufacturing processes, the latex and various compounding agents used inevitably retain some harmful substances in the product, such as formaldehyde, styrene, 4-phenylcyclohexene, etc. When laying and using, it will bring a certain degree of pollution to the indoor space, and when used in children's rooms, it will have a greater impact on children's health. Therefore, when purchasing carpets for children's rooms, you need to check the product quality report to see if it meets the national standards.
2. Check the carpet product label carefully
"Carpet Label" is a mandatory standard for the light industry. Carpet products sold on the market must follow the requirements of the "Carpet Label" standard, and be truly marked: product name, product registered trademark, carpet carpet surface fiber name and content, carpet pile thickness, product quality grade, product production The date, the name and address of the manufacturer, the information on the special performance requirements of the product, and so on. By checking the label, you can get a general understanding of the quality of the carpet.
3. Identify product material
In order to prevent false carpet materials, especially when choosing pure wool carpets, you must first identify the material of the carpet. The general method is to remove a few yarns from the carpet, and identify them according to the burning situation and the smell after they are ignited. When pure hair burns, it has no flame, smoke, bubbles, or smell, and the ashes are mostly shiny black solids, which can be crushed by lightly pressing with your fingers.
4. Check the appearance quality of the carpet
When choosing a carpet, consumers should check whether the carpet surface is flat, whether the edge of the carpet is straight, whether there are defects, oil stains, and color differences. In particular, when purchasing tufted carpets, check whether the back of the carpet is peeling off or leaking glue, so as to avoid drumming and inequality during the laying and use of the carpet, which will lose its comfortable and beautiful effect.
5. Other quality inspections
Check whether the carpet feels comfortable or not; check the pile density, you can touch the carpet with your hands. The pile quality of the product is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. Such a carpet has good elasticity, resistance to trampling, wear resistance, comfort and durability; Check the color fastness of the carpet. When choosing a carpet, rub the surface of the carpet with your hands or the test cloth several times to see if there is any color on the hand or the test cloth. If there is color, it means that the color fastness of the product is not good. Good; Check the peeling strength of the carpet backing. You can gently tear the base cloth with your hands to see the degree of adhesion. If the adhesion is not high, the base cloth and the carpet body will easily separate, so the carpet will not be durable.

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