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Will long-term use of PP placemats be harmful to the body?


Now many families will put PP placemats on the dining t […]

Now many families will put PP placemats on the dining table. One is to decorate the dining table, and the other is to protect the dining table. Even many hotels also use PP placemats. But many users will also consider whether long-term use of PP placemats will cause harm?
PP placemat belongs to a kind of polymer with high crystallinity and high density. It is very good from the comprehensive degree of performance, especially its transparency, which is much better than polyethylene, and its weight and hardness are compared with polyethylene. Both have advantages.
The raw material of pp placemat is polypropylene. The processing temperature of polypropylene in the production process needs to reach 180 degrees Celsius to 240 degrees Celsius, and even if the pp placemat is soaked in boiling water, it will not The pp placemat will be broken down, so you don’t need to worry about toxicity when using the pp placemat, because the pp placemat is non-toxic.

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