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What should I do if the woven placemat does not get dirty?


Placemats are widely used in our lives, but at present […]

Placemats are widely used in our lives, but at present we are not using them so frequently, unless they appear in formal occasions. Of course, most of these placemats are popular in Western countries! Many people often put the dining mat under the bowl when eating. To a certain extent, it can play a role in protecting and decorating the table. Probably this is what people call the "sense of ritual"! Placemats are generally made of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials. People with strong hands-on ability and ingenuity usually weave a placemat with a beautiful appearance and a full sense of design for themselves, which plays a role as a decoration on the table. But in the process of using it, it is often inevitable that stains will be stained. How can a woven placemat that has been woven for a long time be destroyed by stains like this? So how do we clean it? Next, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will give you a brief introduction.



1. If it is water-soluble dirt, then the cleaning is very simple, generally you can use daily cleaning.
2. If it is fat dirt, we can use emulsifier with strong permeability and diffusivity. Then use hot water for washing. At the same time, we also need to bleach with hydrogen peroxide to remove the pigment caused by oil stains.
3. Protein and starch dirt, such as cakes, rice, starchy food residues, etc., can generally be removed by soaking in cold water. In addition, fabrics of different shades should be washed separately to avoid being dyed.

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