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What mistakes should you avoid when buying carpets?


What factors do people usually consider when buying car […]

What factors do people usually consider when buying carpets? For each person's purchase method is different, the factors to consider may also be different. Today, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will give you an analysis of the mistakes you should avoid when buying carpets.


1. Beauty is the first
When consumers buy carpets, they usually pay attention to the beauty of the carpet and ignore the safety performance of the carpet. I think some pure wool carpets are prone to breed mites and other parasites, increasing the probability of children suffering from respiratory diseases, while chemical fiber carpets can cause some children's allergic symptoms. And some carpets are prone to static induction and flammability. Therefore, you must be careful before purchasing. Therefore, which texture to choose depends on where it will be used. Only the most suitable is the best choice.


2. Easy-to-dirty fabrics do not have to be selected
Carpets can add a noble and elegant temperament to the home, and they are usually more beautiful. Therefore, many people hate to see such beautiful carpets dirty and usually do not choose fabrics that are easily soiled. Some of the higher-end rugs tend to get dirty more easily, but if you choose to place them in an area, it won't be a big problem. The carpet in the bedroom is usually more comfortable and beautiful. It is suitable to place a high-end carpet at this moment, and it is not easy to get dirty in the bedroom, so the fabrics that are easy to be dirty can be put first.


3. Only suede can show the grade
The plush carpet on the surface looks more beautiful, so many customers feel that the suede looks classy and can make their home look noble and elegant. But it is overlooked that not all areas are suitable for suede carpets. In areas with many people, often trampled and easily dirty, suede carpets will become messy and difficult to clean after a long time. According to different environments and the effect of the carpet, the selection of effective carpets is not only the suede carpet that shows the grade. If it is used well, even the general chemical fiber carpet will look very high-grade.


4. Carpets are prone to skin allergies
Everyone thinks that carpets are prone to skin allergies because they have a lot of hair. I don't think that's the case. If we solve it well, not only will the carpet not cause skin allergies, but it can avoid skin allergies.


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