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What kind of knowledge introduction does Woven Vinyl Flooring have?


Unlike other vinyl flooring, woven vinyl flooring has a […]

Unlike other vinyl flooring, woven vinyl flooring has a unique look that mimics tightly woven natural seagrass. It also has a non-slip surface and is waterproof. With its beautiful aesthetics, woven vinyl is the perfect choice for home, office, garage, and commercial applications.
The woven layer is important to the overall durability of the floor. It is also important to know the composition of the woven vinyl. While many manufacturers will wrap their vinyl flooring around a polyester thread, others use a woven layer that is crafted from recycled materials.


For example, CORKTEX fabrics are made from PVC thread, recycled materials, and no fiberglass. These fabrics have been awarded the Green Product Award. They come in four different collections, which include woven rugs, furniture covering, skirting, and flooring.
The woven vinyl has low Volatile Organic Compounds. It is waterproof, fireproof, and non-slip. It is also easy to clean. It can be hosed off to remove stains.
Woven vinyl flooring can also be used in outdoor applications.

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