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What is the selection method for PVC woven carpets?


With the development of technology, the product gradual […]

With the development of technology, the product gradually entered the field of interior decoration. At first, it was mainly used in outdoor products, such as beach chairs, camp beds, etc., and then entered the field of decoration. Because the product itself has excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance, it is used in many large hotels, office spaces, SPA and other places. Now the PVC woven carpet has become the new favorite of everyone, and has been recognized and praised by more users. . Next, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will briefly explain the selection method of PVC woven carpets.


1. Is there a standard retail price set by the manufacturer or marketing agency, and whether it is a product at random. If this is the case, it cannot be a branded PVC woven carpet.
2. Look at the carpet core material. PVC woven carpets with rough core materials, dark colors, and easy to break corners; formaldehyde content exceeds the national standard for superior products; most of the unqualified products of PVC woven carpets are inferior products.
3. Look at the splicing effect picture of the woven carpet. Take a random test of a pack of PVC woven carpets and stagger the three pieces. The problems of height difference, triangular seams and uneven edges are obvious. Such carpets are inferior products.
4. View the information and atlas of PVC woven carpets. Those false statements, such as rough printing, crude content, and wear-resistance, are misleading propaganda and are done by non-standard manufacturers.
5. Look at the bottom of the PVC woven carpet. Those with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no brand name, large deformation, poor moisture resistance, are inferior products.

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