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What is the processing technology of tufted carpet?


The main crafts of tufted carpets are: 1. Material prep […]

The main crafts of tufted carpets are:
1. Material preparation: weave the preheated and shaped acrylic fiber into the base cloth and various chemical fiber yarns needed for the pile.
2. Flocking and shaping, that is, the chemical fiber yarns are drawn on the acrylic fiber base cloth in a row and high-speed flocking to form neat and dense loops or cut piles on the carpet surface.
3. Scrape synthetic latex or polyester adhesive on the back of the blanket, and glue the base fabric and the flocking into a solid whole.
4. Finishing process, including flattening the carpet surface with a shearing machine, printing on the carpet surface, pasting foam backing such as styrene butadiene rubber or polyurethane or jute cloth backing on the back of the carpet, fluffing and finishing the carpet surface with steam, etc.


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