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What is the optimal "way" for PVC woven placemats?


I believe that when everyone is watching a movie, there […]

I believe that when everyone is watching a movie, there will always be such a plot. When people dine in the movie, several placemats will be placed on the table. On the one hand, it is more beautiful, and on the other hand, it also makes it easier and faster for people to clean the table. As people's understanding of placemats continues to deepen, placemats appear more and more frequently in front of people. The types of placemats have also been increasing over a period of time. Different types, different styles, different colors, and different designs naturally have different effects. However, it is precisely because of their respective characteristics that they are generally more entangled when shopping. So how do we choose a high-quality PVC woven placemat? Next, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will give you a brief introduction.



The matching of the placemat and the dining table. The existence of the placemat gives the tabletop a flat composition with a square drawing. So when we choose a placemat, we still have to consider some other hungry factors, such as the size and proportion of hungry on the table. When the two reach a certain proportional distance, the effect will naturally be different.
In addition, we also need to consider the size of the tableware. Generally, round placemats are good to match with round dinner plates. If round dinner plates are matched with square placemats, it depends on whether the proportions are too different. ,

If it is relatively simple, such as oil-proof, it is recommended to use PVC material here, because the placemat made of PVC material is absorbent and can effectively prevent oil to a certain extent. If it is decorative, you can choose cloth art, which is more eye-catching in appearance.

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