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What is the knowledge of PVC Woven Coaster?


TAIZHOU SUNHOME HOUSEWARE CO., LTD is a professional ma […]

TAIZHOU SUNHOME HOUSEWARE CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of PVC woven coaster. They manufacture different woven mat products and provide OEM services. They aim to build friendly cooperative relationships with customers. They offer different designs of woven coasters, which are ideal for home and business. They are durable and water proof. They are available in seven colors. In addition, they are easy to clean. They are resistant to heat and can withstand high temperatures of 230 Degree. They are also sanitizable and reusable.


They can be used as coasters for coffee and other beverages. They are also useful in catering industry. They can resist greasy food, as well as hot pot. They are waterproof and resistant to dust. They can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or can be cleaned under water. They can be recycled indefinitely.


They are also available in silver and gold. They are a good way to promote your brand and generate thousands of impressions. They are also perfect for trade fairs and VIP events. They can be branded with a company logo. They can be combined with methacrylate spiral glasses. They can also be printed with full color custom design. They are soft in texture and can withstand corrosive cleaning products. They can be viewed as a perfect choice for businesses with high quality printing requirements. They are popular among a large number of businesses. They are made of soft PVC material.


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