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What are the types of woven placemats?


In our lives, placemats have unknowingly penetrated int […]

In our lives, placemats have unknowingly penetrated into the rhythm of our lives. When we dine, we can often see the exquisite and distinctive placemat on the dinner table, but some people are eating. The etiquette is not so particular, and placemats must be charged. But in Western countries, that is definitely the prevailing one. For them, this is a kind of etiquette but also a sense of life ritual.

At present, the overall fluidity of woven placemats in the market is relatively large, and it can play an important role to a certain extent. There are many kinds of woven placemats, and their styles are also different, but they are also positive. Because their styles and designs are different, they are also very popular. So what are the differences in the types of this product? Next, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will give you a brief introduction.




1. Wooden placemats. Compared with plastic placemats and other placemats, this product is slightly monotonous in color, but it is a more practical and durable placemat. People who use it in our lives are still Accounted for the majority. It gives a scent of books.
2. Plastic placemat, it is a special product, mainly PVC plastic. Compared with other products, it can make a variety of shapes such as brand modeling, cartoon modeling, simulation model, etc., and these are mainly because plastic modeling is easier.
3. Cotton and linen placemats are particularly good in water absorption and anti-slip properties, and they are more textured, but they will give people a sense of staleness after use, mainly because their stains are more stubborn and not easy to clean.

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