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What are the trends in carpet development?


Since 1960, there has been a lot of development and pro […]

Since 1960, there has been a lot of development and progress in carpet production, and the overall development trend is:

①The traditional hand-planted velvet carpet and the mechanism of large-scale industrial production of carpets develop together and go hand in hand. Mechanism and advanced science and technology, high-efficiency, high-yield production and sales, the popularization of building decoration materials carpet. Handmade rugs will focus on maintaining the traditional handcrafted rugs to become a high-grade interior decoration craftsmanship and colorful folk art style patterns, wool, silk and other natural materials, the advantages of small batch production, many varieties and handmade.

②The performance of the carpet has been improved. In the original color fastness, flexibility, quality indicators, as well as moth-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, noise reduction, flame retardant, pollution resistance, easy cleaning, performance and success. On the luminescence mechanism of the adsorption of harmful gases, carpets and raw materials, the performance began to be studied and applied.

③ Improvement of carpet technology. In the material, the mechanism of chemical fiber carpet special material has many characteristics, in the equipment, production efficiency and product quality special equipment, for example, tufted carpet loom product design width, printing and color carpet dyeing continuous, automatic machine; inspection carpet Fastness, elasticity, antistatic, flame retardant, moth resistance, special instruments and measuring methods are increasingly mature and have formed international standards.

④ Better after-sales service, cleaning mechanism carpets, handmade carpet repair enterprises, and consulting for commercial carpets.



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