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What are the relevant knowledge of weaving placemats?


Placemat is a kind of tableware used to protect and dec […]

Placemat is a kind of tableware used to protect and decorate the table. People use it widely in daily life. It is usually made of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper and other materials. The colorful colors are closer to people's lives, and the strong friction can prevent the glass and porcelain cups from slipping off. It can also protect the desktop from burns. The following Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will give you a brief introduction to woven placemats.



The advantages of woven placemats are that they are easy to clean and keep warm. Generally, placemats made of pure cotton cloth have strong water absorption capacity, soft material and can fit the tabletop well, effectively control the temperature of the tableware, and quickly protect the table. Moreover, the cotton cloth is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about pilling and silk loss. Some woven placemats are insect-resistant and durable, have a long service life, and have the effect of preventing insects and moths, which can extend the service life of the dining table. In general, woven placemats are made of environmentally friendly materials, diverse in shape, good heat preservation, practical and beautiful, and combined with placemats and decorations, it is a rare good thing.

When choosing a woven placemat, first consider the size of the dining table, and choose a placemat according to the size of the dining table. Because the dining table is generally placed with placemats, the size of the placemat should also consider the size and proportion of the dining table. In addition, the placemat cannot overlap with the placemat. Placemats are used to place cutlery, so placemats are better than the base of the cutlery. In addition, the shape of the placemat should match the shape of the tableware. For example, a rectangular placemat is equipped with round tableware, and a round placemat is equipped with round tableware, which is more beautiful.

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