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What are the functions of the placemat?


The functions of the placemat are:   1. Protect th […]

The functions of the placemat are:


1. Protect the tablecloth: protect the tablecloth from oil stains, stains, etc., especially for cotton tablecloths, the use of placemats can completely avoid the trouble that it is not easy to clean, and the placemats are easy to replace and easy to take care of.
2. Heat and sound insulation function: to prevent the dining table from being scalded or scratched by tableware.
3. Anti-slip function: Another function of PVC placemats is that it has anti-slip and shock-proof functions, which can prevent the tableware on the table from slipping at will, and reduce accidents such as falling and damage of the tableware.
4. Water absorption function: There are tiny suction holes inside the PVC placemat, which can absorb a small amount of water sprinkled on the placemat, keeping the tableware in a dry and clean environment.
5. Appreciation function: The style, color and design style of the printed placemat can reflect the owner's fashion and cultural taste.

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