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What are the functions and advantages that office carpets can bring to customers?


It can be found that many offices are now covered with […]

It can be found that many offices are now covered with office carpets, because companies want to create a better working atmosphere for their employees. And such carpets generally require a large area, so what are the benefits of covering all the office with carpets? First of all, for enterprises, if the entire company is transformed into a unified carpet, it will look neater, more unified, comfortable and warm, which will also impress customers more deeply and improve the overall image of the company.
Secondly, the office carpet can make the color of the whole office richer and has a certain decorative effect on the office. It has been scientifically studied that when people work or study in a warmer and cleaner environment, the efficiency of work or study will be improved accordingly. This is because the dopamine in the human heart increases with the change of the environment, so when you are in a happy mood, you will be more comfortable and work more efficiently. At the same time, the carpet in the office can reduce the noise when walking because it has the effect of muffling.
In terms of physics, the carpet also has the function of heat preservation and heat conduction. In the cold winter office, laying the carpet and then turning on the air conditioner or heating can further increase the temperature of the entire office and make the room warmer, which also has a promoting effect on the work of employees. . At the same time, the office carpet also has the function of anti-skid and anti-fall. Generally, walking on a smooth floor is very easy for women wearing high heels to slip or fall. With a carpet, the gap between the shoes and the carpet can be greatly increased. The friction force is more slip-resistant and anti-fall.

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