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What are the construction standards for carpet laying?


1. Before the carpet can be laid, the interior decorati […]

1. Before the carpet can be laid, the interior decoration must be finished. All indoor heavy equipment has been in place and has been commissioned, running, and has been verified to meet the qualified standards.

2. The base layer of the floor carpet should be flat, smooth and clean. If there is any oil stain, it must be wiped with acetone or turpentine. If it is a cement floor, it should have a certain strength, and the moisture content should not exceed 8%.

3. Carpets, pads and adhesives should be checked and checked to see if they meet the design requirements after entering the site. If they meet the design requirements, they should be stored in dry warehouses or rooms according to their varieties and specifications. Before use, it should be pre-paved, arranged with flowers, and numbered. The design to be paved should be taken according to the number.
The skirting boards around the rooms, walkways, etc. that need to be carpeted should be prepared in advance. The lower mouth of the skirting board is all construction technology.
It should be about 8mm off the ground so that the carpet burrs can be hidden under the skirting board.

4. Before large-scale construction, a large construction sample should be released and a sample model should be made. After the quality inspection department has identified it as qualified, the construction can be organized according to the model requirements.

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