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What are the comparisons between PVC woven carpets and other traditional carpets?


Now, whether it is in the decoration projects of office […]

Now, whether it is in the decoration projects of office, commercial and public places, the choice of ground material can be said to be a very important aspect. First of all we need to know that a high level of floor decoration can be pleasing to the eye. It is safe and comfortable, which greatly improves the taste of our mobile space. Makes us spend more than 1/3 of our day in the office, and if we are designers, it takes longer. What is your biggest concern in this environment? You might say: Materials should be environmentally friendly. Not harmful to the body, color can make people happy. The current floor materials, environmental protection, life, foot feel, maintenance and many other drawbacks. Now, let's take a look at the characteristics of the new PVC woven carpet?


First. Comparison of PVC woven carpet and stone
1. The construction is simple, the construction period is short, and the processing cost is lower than that of stone.
2. Good interchangeability, chromatic muscle is better than stone.
3. The wider the color selection, the richer the color and the stronger the decoration.
4. Good elasticity, comfortable feet, feel warm.
5. This material is very light, the weight is 1/20×40 of the area of ​​the same stone.
6. Low noise, more anti-skid, safe walking.


Second, the comparison of PVC woven carpet and wooden floor
1. The scratch resistance of the surface hardness is higher than that of wood.
2. Not easy to deform, good dimensional stability.
3. The choice of decorative effect and pattern design is superior to the floor.
4. The processing performance is good, and the product fully achieves the effects of waterproof, dustproof, antibacterial, mildew proof and moth proof.
5. Low noise, which is beneficial to control the noise caused by walking.
6. Wide range of application, not only suitable for office, commercial and public places, but also the first choice for home decoration paving materials.
7. Non-toxic, antibacterial, non-radiation, environmental protection, in line with the world's source of green environmental protection.


Third. Comparison of PVC woven carpet surface carpet and traditional carpet
1. More durable, the service life is more than 5% of the carpet.
2. It is easier to clean and maintain, and the maintenance cost is lower.
3. The ground resistance is small, which is convenient for the trolley to travel far.
4. Pattern combination, color matching is more abundant, the larger the design space, the better the durability of the pattern.

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