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How to test the pros and cons of pvc woven carpets?


Now many people decorate their homes and begin to pursu […]

Now many people decorate their homes and begin to pursue spiritual enjoyment, which is the pursuit of beauty. At this time, pvc woven carpets are a good choice. Because of their high comfort and high safety factor, pvc woven carpets are used by many people who are renovating their houses. as seen. Therefore, some people will choose and compare in major shopping malls in order to buy PVC tile carpets with reliable performance. So, how to judge the pros and cons of pvc woven carpet?


1.  Test its flexibility
When purchasing pvc woven carpets, it is necessary to test their flexibility through some specific methods, because pvc woven carpets with higher flexibility are usually of better quality and are not prone to cracking or deformation. To test whether it is flexible enough, it can generally be done by folding it in half. If there is no white mark on the pvc woven carpet after it is folded in half, its flexibility is relatively good.


2. Test whether it will warp
If you want the carpet to remain obedient to the ground in future use, you must test whether it will warp. Under normal circumstances, the pvc woven carpet can be placed flat on the ground, and then close to the horizontal fit during the observation period. If the carpet and the ground are closely fitted, it means that the possibility of warping is extremely low. If the fit is not enough, then It shows that edge warping will inevitably occur in the future use process.


3. Test whether it will pull hair
A good pvc woven carpet will not have woolen threads during long-term use, but the brand new pvc woven carpet cannot be seen at a glance whether it will be woolly, so use a coin to rub it on the pvc woven carpet , If there is no change in the floor after multiple frictions, it means that the possibility of the floor pulling in the future is extremely low.


In summary, if you want to choose a high-quality pvc woven carpet, you need to know a lot of tips. Therefore, in the face of a wide variety of pvc woven carpets, do not just look at its good-looking appearance, but must target its performance and conduct the above-mentioned tests to judge the wide variety of pvc woven carpets quality is good enough.

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