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How to match different tableware with different placemats?


Beautiful Placemat Collection     1. Striped […]

Beautiful Placemat Collection



1. Striped fresh cotton placemat
In today's advocating environmentalism and unique taste, a recyclable washable, retro or simple cotton placemat is definitely the first choice to make the dining table full of strong literary style while preventing pollution. Use lattice placemats to easily unlock Japanese art style.

2. Woven placemat
The woven wind creates more of a warm, American pastoral atmosphere. Weaving can include bamboo weaving, rattan weaving, wool weaving, cotton and linen weaving, etc. If you are worried that bamboo weaving will easily become damp, choosing cotton and linen weaving is also very practical. Wood color or black is more versatile, while blue may appear more jumpy, suitable for experienced players who are good at playing food.
In addition, the pattern of weaving is matched with plain color, and the white plate makes the coffee cup more effective. Suitable for Western-style meals. Personally, I prefer the knitting style.

3. Jacquard old coarse cloth placemat
Jacquard old coarse cloth, also called "Lu Jin", is woven by traditional craftsmanship and is a national intangible cultural heritage. There is a rustic charm in the exquisiteness, showing the new Chinese aesthetic style. As an embellishment of Chinese dishes, it is perfect.
Printing is to print and dye the pattern after weaving the cloth. Embroidery is to embroider the pattern after weaving the cloth. Jacquard is a pattern directly woven with yarns of different colors. It has a great touch and is visually more advanced.

4. Chilewich vinyl placemat
Vinyl material. It is easy to clean, can be used for a long time, and is similar to traditional textile materials. It can completely replace linen. Rich colors and textures, beautiful and durable.

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