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How to effectively maintain anti-static floor mats?


The correct use of rubber floor mats can effectively en […]

The correct use of rubber floor mats can effectively ensure the standardization and safety of the site. Maintenance and maintenance work is very important when using anti-fatigue and anti-static floor mats. It can ensure the service life of the product, so we should maintain it correctly. To maintain a safe, anti-fatigue and anti-static floor mat, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will introduce to you below.



When we maintain anti-fatigue anti-static mats, it is best to let people wear ordinary sports shoes or soft rubber shoes, etc., instead of wearing some nail shoes, which will damage the safety rubber mats. In order to make the rubber mats have a safer effect, supervisors are required on the runway to restrict people from unreasonable use. For example, there can be no vehicles on the runway, and the anti-static mats cannot resist fatigue and have excessive mechanical impact or friction.
When in use, the edges of the runway should be protected as much as possible. It is impossible for users to move these edges arbitrarily, otherwise the damage caused by the anti-fatigue anti-static mat is still very serious, and regular inspections are required. The usage of these parts. If there is any damage, we should also ask the staff to repair it in time.

On the rubber floor mat runway, it should not be allowed to come into contact with some organic solvents and other chemicals. These liquids are very easy to cause a certain corrosive effect on the safety rubber floor mat, and will also cause direct operation on its service life. We must pay special attention . In order to improve the service life of anti-fatigue and anti-static mats, it is strictly forbidden for other personnel to put chewing gum or other beverages on them on the runway.

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