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How to Create a Vinyl Tufted Car Carpet?


Automotive tufted car carpet is made with a primary and […]

Automotive tufted car carpet is made with a primary and secondary backing. These backings are thermobonded together by using an adhesive web. The backings are then fed through the tufting machine. Once in position, tufts of yarn are sewn through the backings. This produces a carpet with excellent acoustic properties.


Some car carpets have a tufted velour surface. These are available on Porsche Boxster and 996 models. Porsche introduced them in the early eighties and they are made in Germany. They usually come in two colors, but can also be customized with a logo. This is a great way to add style to any interior, and it will make your vehicle stand out.
In order to create a vinyl tufted car carpet, you must first select a backing material. The primary backing is usually made of thermally bonded spunlaid nonwoven polyester. Another type of backing is made of polypropylene. It may also include a back coating to prevent stretching.


You can also choose a factory OEM replacement for your car. These are installed by car dealers, and they will be sure to put all of the holes in the correct places. This way, you won't need to trim the carpets, and they will be spot-on in color.

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