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Do you know Types of Vinyl Tufted Car Carpet?


Originally developed for passenger cars in the 50s, aut […]

Originally developed for passenger cars in the 50s, automotive carpeting has evolved into several types of fibers. Originally made for muscle cars, auto carpeting has now come in a variety of colors and designs.
A common carpeting material is tufted nylon. Tufted nylon is a type of acrylic carpet that is durable enough for everyday wear in a vehicle's interior. Nylon is also known for its durability and softness.
Tufted nylon carpets have a smooth finish that feels good on your skin. They are also inexpensive.


Tufted nylon carpet is a great option for classic cars. You can also order your carpet with your own custom logo. Some cars can be color-matched to the lower door panel.


A secondary backing is also available for vinyl tufted car carpets. These backings help the yarn stick together and improve dimensional stability. The backing can be made of polyurethane, latex, or Colback. They can also be used to add durability and elasticity to the carpet.
Another type of backing is polymer fiber. Polymer fibers are usually thermally bonded spun-laid non-woven polyester or polypropylene. These backings are lighter and less costly than rubber or polyurethane.


Pet fibers are also available. PET fibers are manufactured from recycled plastic beverage containers. They are tufted at a predetermined gauge. PET fibers are also stronger than nylon. They are also more stain resistant. The tufting of PET fibers is advantageous for residential and commercial applications.
Cut pile carpeting is used in most cars today. These carpets are tufted to a 1/8 gauge cut pile. PET fibers are also used in commercial carpeting.


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