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Do you know the selection method of PVC woven carpet? ②


It can be said that pvc woven carpets are now deeply lo […]

It can be said that pvc woven carpets are now deeply loved and favored by the public, so pvc woven carpet manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. Some unscrupulous merchants are shoddy here to deceive consumers. Most people love pvc woven carpets, but they don't know how to choose, which gives unscrupulous merchants an opportunity. Therefore, next, Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. will briefly introduce how to choose pvc woven carpets.


5. Look at the carpet core material. PVC woven carpets with rough core material, dark color and easily broken corners; the formaldehyde content exceeds the national standard for superior products; most of the unqualified PVC woven carpets are inferior products.

6. Look at the polishing degree of the PVC woven carpet. Use woodworking sandpaper with appropriate force to polish the surface of the carpet a few times, and the low-quality counterfeit products are white with traces, which is lower than the national standard wear-resistant requirements.

7. Look at the stitching effect diagram of the woven carpet. Randomly test a pack of PVC woven carpets, and stagger the three pieces. The problem of height difference and triangular seam and uneven edges is obvious, such a carpet is a poor product.

8. Look at the bottom of the PVC woven carpet. Those with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no brand words, large deformation and poor moisture resistance are inferior products.


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