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Do you know the relevant skills of carpet purchase?


1. Four defenses and two resistances should be consider […]

1. Four defenses and two resistances should be considered, that is, anti-pollution, quiet, mildew-proof, flame-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

2. The selection of carpet specifications and sizes should also be adapted to the function of the room. Usually the bedroom furnishings are relatively simple and can be fully carpeted. The dining room has a single carpet that covers 90% of the area. In places where people move around a lot, fast carpets (common size 500*500 mm) can be laid. When purchasing a full-covered carpet, the loss of cutting and splicing should be considered. Therefore, when purchasing, add 8% and 12% of the loss on the basis of the actual floor area of ​​the room. If you lay carpet on the stairs, the purchase amount should be based on the area of ​​the stairs, multiplied by the coefficient of 1.52, that is, the area of ​​the purchased carpet.

3. No matter what kind of carpet is selected, the appearance quality of the superior carpet requires no damage, no stains, no wrinkles, no obvious color difference, streaks and repair marks, and no bending of the edges of the carpet. When choosing a chemical fiber carpet, you should also look at the back of the carpet.

4. The quality of the carpet, in addition to the characteristics and processing of the fibers, is closely related to the density, weight and twisting method of the plush fibers. The denser and thicker the pile, the heavier the pile weight per unit area, the better the texture and appearance of the carpet can be maintained, and basically, the short-pile and densely woven carpet is more durable.

5. There are two main ways to check the density and elasticity of general short-haired carpets. First of all, you can use your thumb to press on the carpet, and it will quickly return to its original shape after pressing, indicating that the weaving density and elasticity are good; or if the carpet is bent, the harder it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the plush is woven more densely. It is more durable; the content of fluff can be seen on the label.

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