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Do you know the history of carpet development?


As a soft floor covering material, carpet has a long hi […]

As a soft floor covering material, carpet has a long history and a wide range of countries, and is a worldwide product. my country and many countries in the world have their own different history of carpet production. According to the textile volume of "Encyclopedia of China", the development history of carpets is long:


Before 3000 AD, the inhabitants of the Nile River Basin in North Africa weaved linen carpets and decorated them with brightly colored selvedges;
1449-1423 BC, Egypt weaving colorful jacquard carpets;
From 558 to 529 BC, there is a purple-red Babylonian carpet in the tomb of the Great Emperor, who unified Persia to establish the Achaemenid Dynasty;
In 400 BC, there were "8" knotted carpets in Siberia.
Although the production history of carpet fabrics is long, due to the backwardness of the carpet origin culture at that time, there are very few written records. The best preserved Egyptian jacquard rugs left over from the 4th to the 5th century in the Lyon Textile Museum of Algeria are the best preserved.


Looking back on the history of carpet production, it is believed that the origin of carpet production is not in the same line, but in accordance with the needs of nomadic life, originating from independent and unrelated traffic jams, that is, carpet production and development come from multiple sources. With the migration of nomadic tribes, the gradual improvement of material life, and the increasing development of the capitalist industrial revolution, carpet production was stimulated to a certain extent around the 19th century, and the number of production increased rapidly. So far, the world carpet has formed two major Category, namely handmade rugs and machine-made rugs.


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