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Carpet companies have some suggestions for daily carpet maintenance!


The use of carpets can make our environment more comfor […]

The use of carpets can make our environment more comfortable, increase the softness, and at the same time, can improve the grade of our environment. But how to clean the carpet has become a headache for every carpet owner. The carpet company has put forward some maintenance tips for customers, so that people can clean the carpet better and easier, and no longer worry about the trouble of cleaning the carpet.
Taizhou Sunhome Houseware Co., ltd. provides the following maintenance tips for people: First of all, you should clean up in time, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it every day, don't wait until a lot of dirt is incorporated into the carpet before you clean it up, it will be very troublesome of. Vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner every day will keep your carpets clean every day, which is very effective and convenient. Don't be lazy when cleaning, the underside of the carpet also needs to be cleaned. When you use the carpet, you must remember to use it evenly. You can't use one of the carpet positions often, otherwise your carpet will become very uneven, and the carpet will be deformed for a long time, which will not look good. .
In some cases, some bad stains will inevitably be sprinkled on the carpet. These stubborn stains are difficult to remove. And the carpet can't be cleaned in large areas, so the carpet company asked us to provide some tips for us to clear these stubborn stains. First of all, some tea stains, coffee stains and other stains can be removed with glycerin. If the ink is accidentally spilled on the carpet, we can use citric acid to wipe it. After wiping, wash the place with clean water, and then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture on the carpet to keep the carpet dry in time. These little tricks are still very useful in our life.

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