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What are the principles for choosing carpets?


Decoration style (1) The principle of uniform carpet se […]

Decoration style
(1) The principle of uniform carpet selection and decoration standards and styles
Any project, whether it is a new project, old project renovation or refurbishment, is planned and standard. Whether to decorate according to the five-star standard or the three-star standard; whether it is a Western style or a Chinese style; whether it is a classical style or a modern style. All of these are the benchmarks for which category, grade, color, and pattern carpet you choose. You can only adhere to the standard style of decoration and use the carpet. The unity of your project can make your project perfect and achieve the goal of icing on the cake.
Select by region
(2) The principle of selecting carpets by region
A complete hotel project is composed of many different areas, including guest rooms, corridors, elevator halls, restaurants, meeting rooms, reception rooms, office areas, entertainment areas, etc. Due to the different functions of these areas, there are also differences in the flow of people and vehicles. Whether it is quiet or noisy, cold or warm, in order to adapt to the particularity of the area, the choice of carpets in each area must be echoed, which is a problem of adaptability.
Adapt to the external environment
(3) The principle of adapting carpet selection to the external environment
What kind of external environment your hotel and guesthouse are in has a great restriction on your choice of carpets. The annual average rainfall, average temperature, relative outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitary greening, etc. are all consideration factors. If these factors are not taken into consideration, it will bring great trouble to the carpet during use. For example, in the winter of nearly half a year in Harbin, the city is very clean, but the ice and snow on the feet of guests melt as soon as they enter the hotel, causing a lot of pollution to the corridors and guest room carpets. Certain dust that is small or even invisible to the naked eye is brought into the hotel along with the entrant's shoes, causing difficulties in cleaning the carpet. Therefore, when the external environment is special, more consideration should be given to the unity of the carpet category and the environment.

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